Apr 5 – Apr 10 2023

Take advantage of Easter holiday and come to practice for few days and pass the exams!!!

Meeting for transport together Apr 5 Roztyly bus station, stop # 3 at 16:30, end of events and departure around 15:00 (not without handing over a tidy room).


Our center Beztahov u Votic

For arrival motorists not earlier than 18:30 (first day, other days at any time). First training from 19:45.


The trainings are intended for all interested parties. Exams will always take place on the last day from approximately 13:30. In order to review and possibly participate in some TKD exams, it is necessary to complete at least a complete final 2-day preparation. Or it is also possible to attend at least 2 whole other days and come to the final exams if you pass the rehearsals. With the number of training sessions, the chance of a successful examination also increases. Exams are intended only for registered
members of the school who pay dues (this also applies to other martial arts). On the Great Spring we will also practice Gumdo including races.

The training camp is suitable for all interested parties, including complete beginners.


For counting you can use the calculator. The price includes transport, food, drinking regime, training, accommodation and eventual exams and equipment necessary for each technical level (doboks, belts, paws, protectors….). Nine-year-old and older members of the school who have not been to the training camp for at least two days for more than 13 months and are in our school for more than 13 months will not receive the equipment.

Basic price - 1 day for 1000 CZK minus discounts


  • 50% every third practicing member of family, teachers of GBHS and whole life members
  • 10% visitors from other schools and 35% non-practitioners (family, friends…)
  • 10% one´s own transfer reported till Mar 25 (5% one way)
  • 10% for deposit 1500Kč paid till Mar 25
  • 5% whole camp

No discounts can be applied to post-event payments, including surcharges.

Send applications only via the Event Schedule www.tkd.cz. Pay preferably to the school's account 2001870779/2010 (IBAN CZ53 2010 0000 0020 0187 0779, SWIFT FIOBCZPP) with the generated VS when logging in, or to the teachers. Supplements and payments are possible on site upon arrival. The deposit is refundable only in case of an excuse two days before the start of the entire training camp for serious, demonstrable health reasons.


Three training sessions a day. Beginners will have a separate group in order to raise their technical level as much as possible. We will also prepare more for dan exams and the competition season.


School dobok from the white and yellow, school protectors from the green belt, school lap from the yellow belt, practice knife from the 1st kup, pencil, paper, clothes and shoes for outdoor and indoor exercises, good mood and desire to practice and learn, health insurance card, swimsuits, reasonable pocket money, common necessities, pencil, paper... We only support equipment acquired or purchased at our school, only current members of the ITF and EITF representatives have approved protectors and Ukrainian runners for their imported equipment. A sleeping bag is necessary, also may be a pillow.

For minors, a strict ban on valuables and larger financial amounts. I will leave the mobile phone equipment to the parents' discretion and responsibility. Skis are possible in case of snow for adults. Allergy sufferers and the like, please have your medication ready and report any health problem that could limit your training in advance!!!


  • For unaccompanied younger children, we assume basic hygiene habits, knowledge of the clock and the right and left sides, and the ability to communicate with the teacher, which every parent must support. If this is not the case, unaccompanied participation is impossible.

  • We do not go to the sea on vacation, so count on reasonable physical activity.

  • By participating in this event, you significantly increase your chances of exams and competitions.

  • Every minor will have a phone number for their parents, preferably a mobile phone number.

  • In the event of indiscipline, anyone may be expelled from the event without compensation or may be ordered to pay damages.

  • It is better to read the whole leaflet again and then in case of ambiguity.

By registering for a camp, each participant agrees to abide by the rules for staying at the camp.

Information and excuses: urgent Martin Zámečník +420 603 302 739, ordianry - info@tkd.cz

See you on the camp !