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Od čtvrtka 3.12. začínáme v souladu s nařízeními vlády s tréninky. O tom, zda trénink bude fungovat, případně není-li pozměněn, se informujte v rozpisu tréninků na Bílé (nepodbarvené) již fungují, ostatní se snažíme zprovoznit co nejdříve, ale záleží na vůli pronajímatelů tělocvičen. Vnitřní tréninky probíhají v rouškách bez možnosti kontaktu mezi studenty a s limitem 10 lidí. Pokud by to i přes zavedené dělení některých větších vnitřních tréninků některé skupiny omezovalo, tak operativně změníme pro další trénink. V harmonogramu akcí se můžete přihlašovat na Velké zimní soustředění a další víkendové akce. Děkujeme všem za podporu v této opravdu těžké situaci!

Taekwon a nashle třeba na soustředku!

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Membership fees

With payment of the membership fee you gain the benefits of our school members and can take part in any training session (if you manage, you can attend all of them) organized by our school. You pay only one school fee (yet alyways for the most expensive group you attend regularly). The membership fee does not include school camps, intensive weekends, private lessons, celebrations, trips and other extra school actions unless it is directly specified that these actions are free of charge.

The membership fee are paid throughout your membership, regardless of whether you are going to training session a lot, little or not at all. Excemption from payment.

You can choose from the following types of membership fees:

Annual subscription fee
In Prague 4 700 CZK / year
Outside Prague 3 700 CZK/ year
Kindergartens and Paraplicko 2 700 CZK / year

The annual subscription is valid for the season of July 2020 – June 2021 and the fee should be paid by the end of June 2020 at the latest..

The new members who do not wish to pay school fees monthly have the possibility to pay all the remaining months of the season all at once as a special offer monthly school fees (the amount of special offer monthly school fees times the number of the remaining months for the season).

The annual subscription fee can be paid personally at the training sessions and school actions or into our bank account (please see below).

In case the annual subscription fee goes up based on decision of the General meeting during the season, it will not be required to pay the difference. The annual subscription fee is not refundable (there will be no refund paid in case of absence in individual months).

Special offer monthly school fee
In Prague 500 CZK / month
Outside Prague 400 CZK / month
Kindergartens and Paraplicko 300 CZK / month

Special offer monthly school fee must be paid within the actual month and only by collect payment. Otherwise it would be necessary to pay the monthly school fee.

The membership fee are paid throughout your membership(including holiday months), regardless of whether you are going to training session a lot, little or not at all. In case of timely excuse, the money can be used to pay for a later action.

If you choose the Special offer monthly school fee payment, it is necessary to arrange in your bank the collect payment in the amount of the membership fee to be transferred into our account (please see below) and send the following data to
- your account number
- the name (names) of the member (members)
- the city where you train
- the amount set for collect payment

Do not enter a variable code for the collect payment.

Monthly school fee
In Prague 700 CZK / month
Outside Prague 600 CZK / month
Kindergartens and Paraplicko 500 CZK / month

It is necessary to settle the monthly school fee payments in all cases that are not included in monthly, annuall or life-long subscriptions. This also applies for payments made by permanent bank order or bank transfer instead of collect payment.

The membership fee are paid throughout your membership(including holiday months), regardless of whether you are going to training session a lot, little or not at all. In case of timely excuse, the money can be used to pay for a later action.

Keeping membership
1 500 CZK / year

Only at the request to may the chairperson of the school consider the recognition of this type of tuition (eg abroad, pregnancy, long-term serious illness). It must be requested in advance. Annual non-refundable fee is 1 500 CZK and is always only for the season see above. The condition is the impossibility of regular training.

The annual subscription is valid for the season of July 2018 – June 2019.

For teachers and life-long members there is a 100% discount.
For the third and each next family member there is a 50% discount.

Life-long membership
89 000 CZK one-time

The life-long membership is designed for the die-hard taewondists who are determined to practise long time exercises. If you are taking part in school actions and tests regularly, the long-life membership is advantageous already from the 4th training year. The membership is not refundable but is transferrable within the family.

The membership includes:

  • membership fees including all related benefits
  • complete fees for the dan tests (ITF,Club, plates)
  • a 50% discount for our school camps and weekend actions in the Czech Republic (added up with other discounts)
  • a 20% discount for our school camps abroad
  • starting fee in all contests supported by our school
  • fees for national training and referee courses supported by our club
  • fees for international training and referee courses supported by our club
  • school celebrations
  • ITF passport
  • a 20% discount on all equipment offered by the school for personal use
  • a numbered certificate (provided with a list of membership benefits and guarranties of payment refund)
  • a T-shirt, long pants, sweatshirt, tie and GBHS bag
  • a 50% discount on private lessons
  • a present
The price: CZK 89 000 A 50% discount for the 3rd and each next membership within the family.

Membership transfer CZK 10 000.

If you are interested, please write to

Example of school fee investment return by the end of the 4 year:

Annual out-of-Prague subscriptionCZK 15 600
50% participation in camps and weekends in the Czech Republic 
CZK 56 000
dan tests for the 1st dan and ITF passCZK 4 400
4x discount on camps abroadCZK 5 000
a T-shirt, trackpants, sweatshirt, tie, GBHS bagCZK 2 270
a starting fee or course feeCZK 3 000
discounts on private lessons and equipmentCZK 3 000
school celebrationsCZK 1 500

Bank account

Bank account number : 2982742001
Bank code : 5500

All payments made into our bank account have to be accompanied by a note for recipient clearly stating the member´s name, group and purpose of payment – for example „Jan Novak - Beroun - school fee for November to June“.

Other payments

Apart from the school fee you pay only for school camps. There are not any other payments necessary. The school fee includes:

  • club annual stamps
  • issue of club card
  • duplicates of club card
  • coloured belt tests
  • obtaining coloured or black belt after passing the tests
  • dobok (the student will receive it before the yellow belt test and after each dan test)
  • lapa (the student will receive it with the yellow belt test)
  • hands, feet and teeth protectors (the student will receive them after the green belt test)
  • training knife (the student will receive it after the first dan test)

Český svaz Taekwon-Do ITF, z.s.-Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association (CTA) card and membership fee

To qualify for higher-level exams, you must be registered with the Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association (CTA). The GBHS will be responsible for joining the CTA, and you will give the permission to register to CTA in the application form. In the same way, GBHS will pay for you a regular membership fee per year - you do not have to worry about it. The date of your first exam depends on the date of issue of your CTA card, so fill in the school application formas soon as possible.

Excemption from payment

Excemption from payment.