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Trainings – special programs

"We would like to offer this great martial art to everybody who is interested. It is the goal of Ge-Baek Hosin Sool!"

Martin Zámečník, the school chairman

Individual program

This program is designed for those who are not able to attend our standard training sessions or are interested in more intensive individual lessons. You can join provided you are a member of our school and club. In this project we offer one hour of highly intensive training with an individual approach once a week. The training hours can be put together so that you can have two-hour training once a fortnight. There will be periodic tests. School training camps are offered. One individual lesson costs CZK 700,- (for two persons CZK 900,- and for three persons CZK 1100,-). The price includes the instructor´s work, renting the rooms and school fee (school fee only with 6 or more lessons in month). After a mutual agreement, the trainig sessions can take place outside our taekwondo center in Prague at Campanus Primary School.

Intensive short-time training seminar

If you are a group that does not practise TKD ITF and are for example interested in a weekend TKD training (5 hours a day and more) or just a part of it (for example self-defense or unique TKD kicking techniques etc.). We are able to arrange the training rooms. There is a possibility to include performance exhibition, video projection, maximum individual approach with multiple instructors and assistants – all after a mutual agreement.

We want to help

If you are an organisation whose members for some reasons cannot afford the regular membership at our school (Children´s homes, Diagnostic Institutes, Charities etc). We offer free of charge taekwon-do group lessons provided you are a member of our school and club (this can be arranged free of charge). Our goal is to make TKD available for everybody regardless the profit the way the taekwon-do Founder wished. At present, we provide free of charge taekwon-do trainings for children from Klokanek and Children´s Home in Pysely and Racek.