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Event registration

How registration works

At the moment you fill and submit the following form, you are registered to the event and we count on you. To the specified email we send you this information so that you can keep it.

If you need make any change in your registration (for any reason), please send email with these changes to (it is not possible to make changes via web interface).

Events: Not only STM camp
Travel:  The discount on your own travel will be calculated automatically.
Method of payment:
Number of people Spin UpSpin Down
Final price:
Deposit: (This deposit must be paid by the date stated on the camp flyer to qualify for the 10% discount.)

At school events, we take photos and videos to be placed on our websites and promotional materials. If you do not want to be on photos, talk directly to the photographer. If you find your photo on our website and do not want it to be placed there, please send email to us and we will remove it.

By registering for a camp, each participant agrees to abide by the rules for staying at the camp.

Your registration has been successfully sent. Confirmation will be sent to the specified email.