Od čtvrtka 3.12. začínáme v souladu s nařízeními vlády s tréninky. O tom, zda trénink bude fungovat, případně není-li pozměněn, se informujte v rozpisu tréninků na www.tkd.cz. Bílé (nepodbarvené) již fungují, ostatní se snažíme zprovoznit co nejdříve, ale záleží na vůli pronajímatelů tělocvičen. Vnitřní tréninky probíhají v rouškách bez možnosti kontaktu mezi studenty a s limitem 10 lidí. Pokud by to i přes zavedené dělení některých větších vnitřních tréninků některé skupiny omezovalo, tak operativně změníme pro další trénink. V harmonogramu akcí se můžete přihlašovat na Velké zimní soustředění a další víkendové akce. Děkujeme všem za podporu v této opravdu těžké situaci!

Taekwon a nashle třeba na soustředku!

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Velké podzimní soustředění - Zrušeno

23rd Oct - 1st Nov 2020


OCT 23 - NOV 1, 2020

Meet for departure always at 17:00 Prague Roztyly buss station, platform #5, return around 18:00 will be specified. Earliest arrival for self-transport at the first day at 18:00 (up to 19:15). Pick-up of participants always on the last day at approximately 15:00 – exams start at 13:30.  


Beztahov u Votic.

We sleep in 6 and 8 beds rooms, which will be heated.


The camp is intended for all those interested in exams and comprehensive preparation of TKD. Beginners will have a separate group so that they are well prepared for the exams. Without at least a full 2-day participation in this event, the nomination for the Czech Championships is not certain. At this training camp, there will be an examination for the next DAN exams during the first weekend. Visits of family members are possible only by prior arrangement at both events.

Exams - They always take place on the last day, arrival required no later than a day before the exam day at 9:50. Upon agreement, the verification for exam can take place on other days than the last one with a minimum attendance of 3 full days.

There at the Great autumn will also take place every day since OCT 28 taekkyon and hopae trainings with the possibility of last day exam for members of the Czech Taekkyon Association and the Czech Hopae Association, see taekkyon.cz and hopae.cz

For team disciplines rehearsals, use mainly the dates until OCT 28 with the participation of at least 2 full days the whole team.


You can use the calculator for the calculation. The price includes transport, food, drinking regime, trainings, accommodation and any exams and equipment necessary for each technical level (doboks, belts, paws, protectors….). Equipment will not be provided to members of the school who have not been to the training camp for duration at least two days for more than 13 months, and have been members our school for more than 13 months and at the same time are 9 years of age or older.

1 day for 1000CZK minus discount


  • 50% every third and next practicing family member, GBHS teachers and lifelong members
  • 40% STM members - only for STM event and STS members on mandatory weekends (whole teams at all times)
  • 35% non-trainers and 10% trainer visits from other schools (non-trainers can participate in warm-up, self-defense and running)
  • 10% self-transport there and back reported by OCT 12. (5% one way)
  • 10% for registration by OCT 12 and a deposit of CZK 1,500 credited to our account no later than OCT 13.
  • 5% of the whole camp
  • 10% discount for the offer of your own accommodation - write in the note (commuting home, local guesthouses, tent) In case of cancellation of applications due to capacity, we will proceed from people with at least days, taking into account the date of registration.

The deposit is refundable only in case of an apology by e-mail within two days before the start of the whole event for serious health reasons. Advances or full amounts, clearly marked with the name and purpose, can be send to the school account 2982742001/5500. Or pay teachers cash. In case of payment in cash and immediate need for a receipt, it is better to inform the teacher in advance. The rest of the amount can be paid on the spot, preferably by payment on the last day or to the account. It is not possible to use any discount when paying for promotions or additional payments after the promotion date.


SLEEPING BAG, dobok (not beginners), a paper, a pencil, small pocket money possible, common needs as for camps. From the yellow belt a paw, from the green belt complete set of protectors, the helmet is recommended, from the black belt a knife and encyclopedia. Clothes and footwear for outdoor and indoor training. Bathing suit. We recommend a pillow. Confirmation of health status see Events schedule for each training.

  • Ban on valuables, we do not recommend a mobile phone for children under 10 years of age
  • Everyone will have the number for their parents and the health insurance card with them
  • For preschool age children or less, single children from 1st to 2nd grade, we recommend participation in the presence an elderly family member. We consider mastering the clock, personal hygiene and recognition of the right and left side as the basics.

The ability to communicate independently with the teacher and in this support from parents is necessary. In the case of a major violation of discipline, anyone can be excluded from this event without compensation. As well as leaving the event at your own discretion.

We ask all members (preferably also preschool parents) to find at least a few days for examination and performing exam. Especially members without participation in summer events.

You'd better read the whole leaflet one more time.

info and apologies: info@tkd.czurgent questions 603302739