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Big Spring Camp

8th - 13th Apr 2020


8. - 13. 4. 2020

Meeting for common transport 15:50 - train station Prague -Liben, opposite cash desk (first day only). Regarding the return, we will call after exams. A meeting for your own transport on the first day on venue not earlier than 18:00. Other days arbitrarily. On arrival you will find the information for accommodation at the reception desk. If you arrive during the training session, put things in the common room and join the training, we accommodate usually after trainings.


Pardubice, Dům mládeže, Gorkého 350. The Youth House in beautiful Pardubice will provide us with the ideal spaces for our high-capacity accommodation, meals, trainings and new very interesting possibilities of excursions. In the case of higher interest priority will be given to participants with longer stays and former signing in and advance payment.


For calculation, you can use the calculator. Included in the price is transportation to the meeting place, food and drinking regime, accommodation, training sessions, possible exams and equipment to each technical grades (doboks, pads, protectors, methodical booklets, practice knife – for the equipment is no claim for members who are members 13 months and more and didn´t participate at last 13 months on any camp and are 9 y.o or more).

1 day 1000CZK minus discounts


  • 50% every third and every other family member, GBHS teachers, lifelong members
  • 35% non-practicing, 15% visits from other schools
  • 10% of your own transportation (5% one way) reported for 14.2.2020
  • 10% for check-in and deposit * 1500CZK until 14.2.2020
  • 5% of the whole camp

Discounts are valid only for payment at the latest at the event. In case of payment (even partial) later, discounts can not be used.

* The deposit is refundable in case of an apology by e-mail for serious reasons by April 15, 2019 at the latest. Pay to the school account 2982742001/5500 with the name of the participant's name and the action for which you pay. Payments are also possible on venue or on training to teachers. Please check in via the Harmonogram at www.tkd.cz. Please pay attention to the earlier date of discounts for own transportation, check-in and paying deposit.


  • 8:30 brakfast
  • 9:00 – 9:55 hopae sool (only interested participants)
  • 10:00 – 12:15 training
  • 12:20 lunch
  • 13:00 – afternoon rest, possibility of individual training, trip, pool…
  • 16:15 – 18:15 training
  • 18:20 dinner
  • 19:30 – 21:00 training (possible without pre-school children)
  • 21:00 – 21:45 training – black belts only
  • 22:00 lights-out for participants up to 14 y.o.
  • 23:00 lights-out for participants up to 18 y.o.

The main task will be to raise your TKD level. Students will be divided according to the technical grade into the training groups and each passes a pre-exam for the colour belt tests that take place on the last day of the camp. For exams no one will be admitted without at least three days of intense training at that camp (ie the last possible arrival for examinations are on Saturday 9:30). The last day the exams will be from 13:00. Expected departure 14:45.

The camp is obligatory for our “best of sport” taekwondists, who are nominated to ECH 2020 in Prague. Experience training with future medalists and possibly European Champions !!!

The camp will be visited by Master Mariusz Bil, who will conduct trainings with sword, poles and self-defence.

Every morning, optional hopae sool training sessions can be performed for the first time without a payment. The need is only a training hopae, which will be available for 490CZK on the spot. On the last day it will be possible to make an exam in hopae and taekkyon for members of these organizations. More info at hopae.cz or taekkyon.cz.


dobok, things to practise both outdoors and inside, protectors, pad, pencil, paper, health insurance , bathing suits, reasonable pocket can, common needs ... For non-adults strict prohibition of valuables and larger amounts of money. Mobile equipment to parents' own consideration and their responsibility. Allergics etc., please treat your medications well, and any health problem that could restrict your training, report in advance when you log in (also special dietary requirements - vegetarian, celiac ...)


  • In view of the considerable ease of organization (ordering beds, placements, training plans, groups ...), try to make a 10% discount for deposit in an advance and providing the necessary information (arrival, departure ...), thank you for understanding.
  • Everyone can, based on their own decision and in agreement with the teacher from the camp leave without compensation - family, health reasons etc ...
  • Every non-adult will have a phone number for parents, preferably for mobile phones.
  • In the case of gross misconduct, anyone may be excluded from the event without compensation
  • If your child is able to get to know the right and left, he/she can recognize the clock, has basic hygienic habits and is able to communicate with the teacher (eg to announce that he is sick) - no problem to manage camp alone. For small children, parents recommended, rather than missing and crying day-to-day phone calls. Parents must support direct communication between the pupil and the teacher.

You better read the entire flyer once or inform yourself.

See you at camp!!! Martin Zámečník, VII.dan, info@tkd.cz (info, apology…)