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Big Winter Camp

25th Dec 2019 - 5th Jan 2020


25.12.19 – 5.1.2020

Take advantage of winter holiday and come to practice for few days and pass the exams!!!

Meeting for departure: Prague Chodov in front of TKD center at 10:00, arrival (cca 16:00) at the same place will be specified


Sokol House Studenec

The arrival for car drivers (only first day, the other days whenever) earliest at 11:45, first training from 13:00

Route from Prague: Mladá Boleslav, Jičín, Horka u Staré Paky, Studenec. It is a building of typical Sokol House, on the left from major road, next to football playground with full grown poplar trees. Abrupt turn backwards to the left, when you see the petrol station at your right hand.

The Sokol House Studenec offers us in winter months an ideal place with two gyms for trainings. Trainings, meals, accommodation – all under one roof. Less comfortable accommodation (more beds rooms) is compensated with home-made meals, ideal inner training spaces and the winter landscape of Krkonoše Mountains.


The camp is suitable for all interested persons. Last day after lunch will take place the exams (12:45 taekkyon, 13:00 hopae sool, 13:30 taekwon-do). The exams are for pre-tested adepts only. Complete program of pre-exams is possible to perform during any two days on the camp. There is also a possibility to come for few days, leave again, and then return only for exams, or to come at latest 3.1. for training at 16:00, pass special two days preparation and consequently the exams. With number of trainings raises the chance for successful pre-exams. Exams are only for registered school members who pay fees properly (also applies to taekkyon and hopae sool).

The capacity is limited, therefore participation of non-practitioners may be limited, as well as late enrolled ones. Visits of parents etc. after previous agreement. If the capacity is full, priority will be given to the longer stayings.

The camp is suitable for all interested persons including absolute beginners.


for counting you can use the calculator. In price is included accommodation, meals, transfer, soft drinks, trainings. The equipment will not be provided to nine-year-old and older school members who have not been more than 13 months at any camp for at least two days and are more than 13 months in our school.

1 day 1000Kč minus discounts


  • 50% every third practicing member of family, teachers of GBHS and whole life members
  • 10% visitors from other schools and 35% non-practitioners (family, friends…)
  • 10% one´s own transfer reported till 18.12. (5% one way)
  • 10% for deposit 1500Kč paid till 18.12.
  • 5% whole camp

It isn´t possible to use any discounts if you pay after the camp (including after-payments)

Enroll yourself only on www.tkd.cz through Events schedule. You can send the deposits or whole amounts with note (name and purpose) to our school account 2982742001/5500, after payments possible on camp.

Discounts is possible to combine up to 100%. Deposit is refundable only in the case of apology in two days before beginning of the event for serious health reasons.


two or three trainings daily. The beginners will have a separate group as they could be excellent prepared for exams and for maximum improving their technical level. You can await a lot of games (football, basketball, floor ball) and competitions (tkd competitions or for example traditional competition of the best brought Christmas sweets, salad or cutlet). Of course you can await an extra New Year celebration!!!, visits of swimming pool, sauna etc…. The last day in the year and more one day around 28.12. there will be some trips with less trainings.

Every day, taekkyon and hopae sool will also be trained with exams at the end. Hopae can be bought on site for 490 CZK. We will invite the Korean swordmaster Haedong Gumdo to prepare a few training sessions for you.


dobok, outdoor wear (Krkonoše mountains !!!), from yellow belt the pad, from green belt the protectors, from 1. gup dummy knife, piece of paper, pencil, small pocket-money possible, common needs for camps, indoor and outdoor shoes, good mood and mind for practicing and learning, health insurance card, swimsuit, at childs valuables and big money prohibited. Handy for considering of parents and for their own risk and responsibility. Ski possible in case of snow. Allergists and similar, please, take with your drugs. Any health problem, which could restrain your training, report before !!!


  • At small children without parents we suppose basic hygiene habits, knowledge of clock, right and left side and ability to communicate with teacher.
  • We don´t go to see for holiday, so take into account adequate physical loading.
  • With participation on this event you raise your chance for exams and competition.
  • Every child will have the phone number for parents with, ideally for handy.
  • In case of lack of discipline can be anybody ordered out without compensation in the case of decision of disciplinary committee, perhaps even the compensation of damage could be awarded
  • You´d rather read the whole leaflet once more. See you on the camp :-)

Information and excuses: Martin Zámečník +420 603 302 739,info@tkd.cz

See you on the camp !