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Not only STM camp

25th - 30th Sep 2018


25. -  30. 9. 2018

Meeting of departure at 16:40 Prague Smíchov, bus station Na Knizeci platform No.4, return around 18:00.

Arrival of own transport on the first day 18:00 - 19:15. Pick up of participants on the last day at approximately 3 pm - start of exams at 13:30. STM teams can also have an afternoon training.


RS Spolana Varvažov, Písek. We sleep in 4-7 bed cabins that will be heated. Cottages with their own social welfare will be distributed to the participants who arrive first - 70 beds. The remaining 220 beds have several common welfare.


the focus is mainly for members of the STM (Youth Talent Center) and STS, but everyone can participate, including the beginners. All STM members with a valid contract have the obligation to complete the whole session or to be excused in advance due to proven serious health problems. All those interested in STM or STS have the possibility to adjust to this camp. The focus is further on for all those interested in more sporty training and exams. STM members are logged in automatically (by email, or change their login information, such as their own path). STS members enroll by themselves, but we remind of compulsory attendance Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. Upon request, we will issue excuse cards for both camps to schools.

Examinations - They are always in the last day, arrival is necessary at no later than 16:00 on Friday. Upon agreement, examinations may be passed on days other than last, with minimum attendance of 3 days.


For calculation, you can use the calculator. The price includes transportation, food, drinking regime, training, accommodation and any tests and equipment necessary for each technical level (doboks, belts, laps, protectors ...). The equipment is not received by school members who have not been for more than 13 months at least two days of attendance and are more than 13 months in our school and 9 or more years of age.

1 day after 1000CZK minus discounts (whole camp 5000 CZK)


  • 50% each third and other family member, GBHS teachers and lifelong members
  • 40% STM members - STM events only and STS members on obligatory weekends (entire teams at all times)
  • 35% non-practicing and 15% training visits from other schools (non-practicing can participate in warm-ups, self-defense and jogging)
  • 10% own transportation reported until 18. 9. (5% one-directional)
  • 10% for check-in and prepayment of CZK 2,000 or half of the expected price paid until 18 September. (please do not overpay by prepayment the whole price of the event)
  • 5% of the whole camp

The deposit is refundable only in case of an apology by mail within two days before the start of the event for serious medical reasons. Deposits or full amounts shall be clearly marked with the name and purpose of sending to the school account 2982742001/5500. Or pay in cash to teachers. In case of cash payment and immediate document needs, please inform teachers in advance. The rest of the amount can be paid, in the best way, on the place, when paying the last day or to the account again. No discount can be used in case of paying for events after the event.


dobok (not beginners), paper, pencil, small pocket-money can be, common needs like for camps. From a yellow pad, from a green protectors, from a black knife and an encyclopedia. Clothes and shoes both indoors and outdoors.

  • prohibition of valuables, we do not recommend mobile phones for children under 10 years of age
  • Parents' number and health insurance card will have each participant
  • For preschool children or less independent children from the 1st-2nd class, we recommend participating in the presence of parent or older family member. On the basis of this, we consider the knowledge of clocks, personal hygiene and recognition of the right and left sides.

The ability to communicate with the teacher is necessary. In case of a gross disruption of discipline, anyone can be excluded from this aevent without compensation. So do your own decision. We ask all members (at pre-school children even parents) to find time to visit for at least a few days and make an exams. Especially members without attending summer events.

You'd better read the entire flyer once again.

info and apology: info@tkd.cz urgent questions : 603302739 mistr Martin Zámečník