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Not only STM camp

26th Apr - 1st May 2018


26. 4.– 1. 5. 2018

Meeting for Prague Departure, Na Knížecí, bus platform No. 2, at 16:15 , we will return around 18:00. In the case of a larger number of people, we order a bus. Arrival for motorists first day ideally from 18:00 to 19:00 (dinner and evening training already in the program) -not before. Pick up participants on the last day approximately at 16:00.


RS Spolana Varvažov

Summer camp Spolana Varvažov at Písek is one of our long-established locations. Wooden log cabins and wooden chalets in beautiful countryside near the Orlická Dam . Excellent home cooking.


the focus is mainly for members of the STM (Youth Talent Center) and STS. All STM members with a valid contract have the obligation to complete the whole session or to be excused in advance due to proven serious health problems. All those interested in STM and STS have the possibility to add to this camp. The focus is further on for all those interested in more sporty training and test subjects. STM members are logged on automatically. More intense tarinings. Visits of family members are possible only upon prior arrangement.

Exams - 1.5. from 13:45. It is possible to check-in and check-in at the latest by 28.4. for training from 9:30. Upon agreement on the basis of exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to carry out another two days of examination.


For calculation, you can use the calculator. Included in the price are transportation from and to the meeting place, food and drinking regime, accommodation, training sessions, event trials, and equipment for the benefit of each technical grade (doboks, color and black tapes, set of guards, methodical guides, pads, training knife).

1 day 1000CZK minus discounts


  • 50% each third and other family member, GBHS teachers, lifelong members
  • 40% STM GBHS members, STS members (two days see contract)
  • 35% non-practicing, 15% visits from other schools
  • 10% of your own route (5% one way) reported until 21.4.
  • 10% for check-in and deposit 1000CZK or 50% of the price until 21.4.
  • 5% of the whole concentration

Discounts can be combined up to a maximum of 100%. Discounts are valid only for payment at the latest at the event.

The deposit is refundable only in the case of an excuse within two days before the beginning of a session of serious health reasons.

Advance payments or full amounts can be clearly marked with the name and purpose of sending to our school account 2982742001/5500 or paying in cash to teachers. The rest of the amount can be paid on the place or on account again. No discounts can be made for payments after the event. Sign up only via www.tkd.cz/harmonogram.aspx. Please contact info@tkd.cz for any changes to your application. STM members are automatically logged into both events and only resolve changes to applications (eg excuse, self-travel, special diet).


From 9th gup original school dobok, paper, pencil, small pocket money, ordinary needs like camps. From the yellow pad, and the green protectors. Footwear and clothing for workouts both inside and outside. Hopae and a good mood for taekkyon yourself

  • prohibiting valuables
  • very bad signal up to no and difficult to call
  • Each participant can be sent to the house without a substitute, based on teachers' decision.
  • The number for the parents and the health insurance card will have everyone and know where


  • 8:10 breakfast
  • 9:30 training
  • 12:30 lunch
  • 15:00 afternoon program (screenings, team trainings, running ...)
  • 16:00 afternoon training
  • 18:15 dinner
  • 19:45 training (after agreement without preschool children)
  • 22:00 pupils (23:00 evening juniors)

If your child can learn right and left, has a clock, has basic hygienic habits, and is capable of communicating with the teacher (eg, telling him that he is sick) - it is not a problem to manage camp alone. For small children, we recommend parenting, rather than hasty and crunching, everyday phone calls that are technically demanding here as well. Parents must promote direct communication between the pupil and the teacher.

Please ask all members (parents also at the preschooler) to find time for at least two days to test and perform the tests. From July 1, 2017, all nine-year-old and older students who have been practicing for more than 13 months and they have not been registered for the last 13 months for a camp, they have no claim for equipment for free. You'd better read the entire flyer once again. info and apologies: info@tkd.cz