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Haidong Gumdo weekend

14th - 16th Apr 2023

The event is intended for all those interested in the path of the sword, including complete beginners.

APR 14 – 16 Beztahov

Arrival and accommodation from 18:00. First practice 19:00. Exams APR 16 after lunch.

Price 3,900 CZK - including accommodation, food, additional training for the duration of the event, possible exams including a certificate for those who are prepared plus equipment for the exams. Exams only for tuition-paying HG trainees (or private lessons).

Sign up only via the Schedule of Events at www.tkd.cz and pay in advance to the GBHS account or in person to the teacher. Payment after APR 5 is 4500 CZK.

Don't miss a unique event of this type and become the pioneers of Czech Haidong Gumdo