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Hopae and Taekkyon weekend, I. Hopaesool Tiger Open

3rd - 5th Mar 2023

Come get to know Korea better and improve your kicks or learn an effective self-defense weapon!!!


MAR 3 – 5 Beztahov - our center, arrival from 18:30. A sleeping bag is necessary, possibly a pillow. Transport can be arranged by agreement in advance. The event is intended for all those interested in these unique martial arts. Exams MAR 5 after lunch.

If someone is only interested in taekkyon or only hopae, there is no problem for them to participate only in specific trainings and during the second trainings to practice individually, rest... or practice TKD with us as part of the 1st Spring training camp.


2500 CZK. The price includes food, drinks, training, accommodation, exams. Pay in advance to the school's account or in cash to Master Martin Zamecnik. Payment after FEB 25 is 2900 CZK.


The event is intended for duly paying members of taekkyon and hopae sool and all interested parties. Everyone can become a member directly at the event by paying for the membership and applying. You can find more detailed information about membership, regular training and both martial arts at www.taekkyon.cz and www.hopae.cz. Sign up only through the schedule of events at www.tkd.cz.


Become the pioneers of Czech Hopae and Taekkyon!!! Prepare for competitions and dan exams with us!