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Great Autumn Camp Traditional

25th - 29th Oct 2023


25 - 29 October 2023

Meeting for shared transport on October 25 at 8:30 Prague Roztyly, bus station, platform 5, return around 18:00 we will specify. Arrival of own transport on 25 OCT no earlier than 9:00.

Pickup of participants on the last day at approximately 15:00, after cleaning the rooms. Exams start at 13:30. Shared transport is always organised only on the first and last day of the event.


At our Beztahov centre.

We sleep in 6 and 8 bedded rooms which will be heated.


The camp is for all interested parties including complete beginners and is completed with a technical grade exam.

The camp is intended for all those interested in exams and comprehensive TKD preparation. Beginners will have a separate group so that they are well prepared for the exams. The Korean Haidong Gumdo sword training and exams will also take place here.

Family visits are possible only by prior arrangement. Exams are held on the last day, arrival for exams required no later than 9:45am on the penultimate day. By appointment, pre-exams for the exams may be held on days other than the last day with a minimum attendance of 2 full days. A longer stay guarantees more opportunities for pre-exams and a better chance of passing the exams. You can also participate in the second autumn camp and have the possibility to maybe even pass double exams.


You can use the calculator to calculate. The price includes transport, food, drink, training, accommodation and any exams and equipment needed for each technical level (doboky, belts, paws, pads....). Equipment will not be provided to school members who have not been to a training camp for at least two days in more than 13 months and are 9 years of age or older.

1 day at 1000 CZK minus discounts (Total 4000 CZK)


  • 50% each third and additional practicing family member, GBHS teachers and lifetime members
  • 40% STM and STS members - on mandatory weekends (whole teams all the time)
  • 10% non-practicing and practicing visitors from other schools (non-practicing can participate in warm-ups, self-defense and running)
  • 10% own travel there and back announced by Oct 14 (5% one-way)
  • 10% for signing up by Oct 14 and a deposit of 1500 CZK credited to our account no later than Oct 14
  • 5% of the whole camp

All those who paid the membership fee of a new member this six months can deduct this amount from the training supplement or immediately when paying for the entire event.

The deposit is refundable only in case of an apology by e-mail within two days before the start of each camp due to serious, demonstrable health reasons. You can send deposits or full amounts, clearly marked with your name and purpose, to school account 2001870779/2010 (IBAN CZ53 2010 0000 0020 0187 0779, SWIFT FIOBCZPP). Or exceptionally pay cash to teachers. In the case of payment in cash and an immediate need for a receipt, please inform the teacher in advance. The rest of the amount can be paid on site no later than on the first day of your arrival or again to the account. It is not possible to apply any discount and take exams when paying for events or additional payments until after the event.


SLEEPING BAG, school dobok (not for beginners), paper, pencil, small pocket money possible, common necessities like for camps. From the yellow belt school lap, from the green belt school protector, from the red and black belt knife. TKD equipment can be purchased on site. Do not bring other equipment (with the exception of current representatives for their rep equipment and Ukrainians and their own equipment imported from Ukraine). Clothing and shoes for outdoor and indoor training. Bathing suit. We recommend a pillow.

- Prohibition of valuables, prohibition of electrical appliances with the exception of mobile phone chargers, which we do not recommend for children under 13.

‐ Everyone will have the parent's number and health insurance card with them.

- For children of preschool age or less independent children from 1st-2nd grade, we recommend participation in the presence of an older family member. We consider mastering the clock, personal hygiene and recognizing the right and left sides to be the basics. The ability to communicate independently with the teacher and support from parents in this is necessary. In case of a gross violation of discipline, anyone can be excluded from this event without compensation. The same goes for leaving at your own discretion. 

We ask all members (preferably also parents for preschoolers) to find time for at least a few days for pre-exams and take the exams. Primarily members without participation in summer events.

By signing up for camp, the participant agrees to abide by the rules for staying at camp.

Read all information again.


info and apologies: info@tkd.cz urgent questions: 603302739 master Martin Zámečník