Jul 21 – Aug 1st, 2023

Meeting point for departure for shared transport = Prague-Roztyly, bus platform # 2 at 17:00. We will confirm the return around 18:00 by phone.

Arrival for own transport on the first day from 18:00 - NO earlier. Participants are picked up on the last day at approximately 15:00 (examinations start at 13:15 to 13:45).

To be able to take the exams, the latest arrival is July 29 at 9:15. The number of practiced days also increases the possibility of taking exams. However, the main task is not exams, but intensive training and improvement.


In Our Centre in Beztahov.

Currently 4 large cabins with 30 beds - rooms 8,8,8,6 plus bathrooms, toilets in each cabin. Homemade Czech and Asian food on site. We train outside and in the sports hall. Swimming on site and close by. Swimsuit everyone!


The longest but less intensive training camp, two training sessions a day and afternoon trips, games.

Camp is intended for everyone, including beginners.


You can use the calculator. The price includes transport to and from the meeting place, food and drink regime, accommodation, training, possible exms and equipment to gain each technical level (doboks, set of protectors, method manuals, paw, training knife - nine and older members are not entitled to this equipment who have been in our school for 13 months or more and have not participated in any training camp in the last 13 months).

1 day 1000 CZK minus discounts


  • 50% every third and next practicing family member, GBHS teachers, lifetime members
  • 35% non-trainers, 15% visits from other schools
  • 10% own trip (5% one trip) reported July 1
  • 10% for applications by July 1st and a deposit of CZK 1,500 per event until July 1st (on the account no later than July 2)
  • 5% of the entire concentration
  • 10% only days when the capacity is filled for living in our own (our) tent or without accommodation

Within a week after the deadline for discounts, if the date is overbooked, the possibility of a discount for your own or our tent or your own accommodation will be announced. If you are interested in this option, write in the note. In the event of such intractable overcrowding, participants with the shortest stays, in order from those who signed up the latest, will be invited to use this discount or change the date, or sleep on mats in the gym. We do not anticipate this state.

Discounts can be combined up to a maximum of 100%. No discounts can be used for payments after the end of the event, including surcharges. Sign up only via the Events schedule www.tkd.cz. Pay preferably to the school's account 2001870779/2010 (IBAN CZ53 2010 0000 0020 0187 0779, SWIFT FIOBCZPP) with the generated VS when logging in, or to the teachers. Supplements and payments are possible on the site upon arrival. The deposit is refundable only in case of an excuse two days before the start of the entire training for serious, demonstrable health reasons. Please contact info@tkd.cz for any changes to applications.


From the 9th kup school dobok, SLEEPING BAG, and/or pillow, paper, pencil, small pocket money, common necessities such as for camps. From the yellow school paw with you and from the green school protector. Shoes and clothes for training indoors and outdoors. We also hopae and taekkyon and we invite Master Pinot and Grandmaster Hwang. Family visits only by prior arrangement.

  • ban on valuables, electronic kitchen appliances, small pocket money possible
  • each participant can be sent home without compensation at the discretion of the teachers.
  • everyone will have the number for their parents and the health insurance card with them


8:40 breakfast (or warm-up)
9:30 training
12:30 lunch
15:00 afternoon program (projection, team trainings, running, trainings TK, HP or HG ...)
18:30 dinner
19:45 training (after appointment possible without preschool children), lights-out by the age
since 22:00

If your child can recognize right and left, knows how to count, has basic hygiene habits and is capable of basic communication with the teacher (e.g., to announce that he is sick) - there is no problem for him to be able to concentrate on his own. With small children, we recommend the participation of the parents, rather than the distressed and tearful daily phone calls home, which are technically difficult to carry out here. Parents must support direct communication between student and teacher. I believe that everyone who is interested in Taekwon-do will use these opportunities to practice intensively, perhaps even under the guidance of Grandmaster Hwang Ho-yong himself and will certainly be rewarded with a good result in the exams. Remember that it is better to come just for the weekend than to sit at home. I hope that everyone who is interested in really exercising will choose at least one full event - otherwise, consider whether TKD is just a waste of time for you. Very important are the concentration for beginners and the yellow straps. In September, there will be a massive recruitment of newbies again, and those who do not have a yellow belt will start with them again. Therefore, we recommend that all beginners make maximum efforts during the summer to reach the yellow belt. All those who did not participate in the camp last school year should choose at least one event in order not to lose the right to free equipment. Don't forget about the other events that were described in the already published flyers – not only the STM training, the summer camp with Grandmaster Hwang or the FMA camp. See all Schedule of events at www.tkd.cz.

You'd better read the whole leaflet one more time.

info and apologies: info@tkd.cz acute questions: 603302739 master Martin Zamecnik