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30th Jul - 4th Aug 2019


30. 7. - 4. 8. 2019

Arrival 30.7. in the afternoon at 17:00 (at 18:00 training with Grandmaster, from 21:00 campfire and barbecue). Other days arrival anytime.

Departure on Saturday afternoon after Dan test. Own transport.


Beztahov near Votice.


The focus is primarily on the 1st grades and higher, and the main goal will be to prepare for their Dan tests. However, the focus is on all technical levels, including beginners. Furthermore, we invite all family members and friends of the practitioners.


5000CZK (1 day 1000CZK)

Non-practitioners 20% discount

Schools with 10 or more participating members 10% discount for all practitioners

The price includes full board including snacks and drinks, accommodation, trainings, common events and trips, trainings and necessary organizational expenses.


  • 8:45 breakfast
  • 10:00 TKD ITF training
  • 12:30 lunch
  • 14:00 afternoon program (trips, bathing, games, mushrooming…)
  • 18:30 dinner
  • 19:00 evening program (TKD ITF training, TKD lectures, games, screenings, campfires…)

How to enroll?

Till 1.7. log in to and send a deposit of 1500CZK to the organizer. Late entry fee will be charged on the spot 500CZK. We kindly ask everyone to follow the sign-in and deposit dates for the event to run smoothly. The deposit is refundable only on excuse for serious substantiated health reasons at mail at least two days before the event begins.

Organizer and info:

School Ge-baek Hosin sool, chairman Martin Zámečník, phone +420603302739, , Account number 2982742001/5500
(enter the name of the participant and the word “Kemp” in the message for the recipient)

GBHS school camps are held in the same place before and after the camp. Everyone is invited. Info at

Take advantage of the unique opportunity for all belts to practice with our Grandmaster. Other European masters are invited this year too. Grandmaster Hwang will conduct training sessions (at least Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays) focused on Dan exams and will intensively check each applicant. The following days will be conducted by members of the Czech ITF promotion board, possibly by other instructors from among foreign visits.

Among traditional events such as day-to-day trainings, trips, Korean dinners and barbecues will also be added newer events - a Korean course, a Korean cuisine course, thematic trainings and guest lectures, TKD history interpretation. We have added more trainings to the members' request.

Need a sleeping bag or a pillow.