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FMA Festival with the Legends

13th - 18th Aug 2024

Beztahov u Votic.

13.8. arrival from 13:30, 1st training from 15:00 

6 hours of training every day with the option of private lessons or exams. The exact schedule will depend on the number of participants, the weather, brewery visits, excursions, barbecues, karaoke... 

18.8. end of the program around 4:00 p.m If you are interested in staying for additional days and taking private lessons, write in the note. 

Price: 120 euros per day, 600 euros for the whole event when paying and registering by May 1. 

150 euros a day, 750 euros for the whole event when paying or logging in later.

The price includes accommodation and full meals in the area, trips, trainings and participation certificates. The price does not include your own accommodation or food, private lessons outside the program of 6 hours of training per day, more days of stay or exams. We will arrange transportation from the airport in Prague or the Votice train or bus station. Equipment will be available for purchase on site. The number of participants is limited. The first hundred registered and paid people are guaranteed participation. 

Log in only via www.filipinoma.cz. Payment information will be sent to you by email. Don't miss the unique camp with FMA legends, come taste Czech beer and discover the beauty of our country!!! 

Guro Martin Zámečník, +420 603302739, info@tkd.cz