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Weekend Haidong Gumdo and FMA

5th - 7th Apr 2024

The event is for all those interested in Filipino martial arts and the way of the sword, including complete beginners.

April 5-7 Beztahov Arrival and accommodation from 18:00. Sleeping bag necessary to bring, or pillow. Transportation can be arranged in advance. First training 19:00. Rehearsals on 7.4. after lunch.

I recommend to divide the intervals between training sessions between TKD training, separate HG or FMA training focused on preparation for the exams and last but not least active rest with intensive study of theory.

Price 2900 CZK - includes accommodation, meals, all trainings during the event, possible exams including certificate for those prepared plus equipment for exams. Exams only for tuition paying HG or FMA practitioners (or private lessons). Payment after March 31st 3500Kč.

Sign up only through the Schedule of Events at www.tkd.cz and pay in advance to GBHS or in person to the teacher.

Don't miss a unique event of this type and become a pioneer of Czech Haidong Gumdo or FMA! Prepare with us for the 2024 competitions abroad and the seminar with Korean Master Han!!! Maybe even the World Championships in Korea or a training camp in the Philippines!!!