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Hopae and Taekkyon weekend

22nd - 24th Mar 2024

WHEN, WHERE: 22.-24.3. Beztahov -, arrival from 18:00. Sleeping bag must be brought with you, or a pillow. Transportation can be arranged in advance. The event is intended for all those interested in this unique martial art and complete beginners. Rehearsals will be held on Sunday after lunch.

If someone is only interested in taekkyon or only in hopae, it is not a problem to attend only specific training sessions and during the other sessions to practice or work individually, rest or practice TKD...

HOW MUCH: 2900Kč. The price includes, food, drink, training sessions, accommodation, exams. Payment after 15.3. 3500Kč. Register only through the Schedule of Events at www.tkd.cz and pay in advance to GBHS or in person to the teacher.

WHO: This event is open to dues-paying members of Taekkyon and Hopae Sool and all interested parties. All can become members directly at the event by paying membership and signing up. For more information on membership, proper training and both martial arts, please visit www.taekkyon.cz and www.hopae.cz. Please only sign up through the schedule of events at www.tkd.cz.

Become pioneers of Czech Hopae and Taekkyon!!! Get ready for competitions, camps in Korea or seminars with Korean Grandmasters in 2024.