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Where: Taipei - Taiwan, Cebu and Luzon Islands - Philippines

Who: Anyone interested in martial arts, Asian culture and learning about Taiwan and the Philippines. Not suitable for unaccompanied children under 13 years old. Ideal opportunity to meet and practice with unique grandmasters!

How much: 38900Kč price includes meals, hotel accommodation, entrance fees, on-site transfers, training, gift. Price does not include airfare to and from the Philippines and any travel insurance. Minimum non-refundable deposit of 18900Kč to the school account by 1 December.

Orientation joint program (individual program also possible):

11.2. - Prague - Taipei (I recommend direct flight 10:55 from Prague, currently return 21187 CZK)

12.2. - morning Tai Chiang Kai-shek memorial, skyscraper 101, Lungshan Temple, Presidential Palace and delicious cuisine

Feb 13-20 - direct flight Cebu (recommend 8:10 - 11:05, currently 4718Kč), Summit Galeria Hotel (swimming pools, gym...)

9:00 Nickelstick Balintawak with Grandmaster Nick Elizar

11:00am tours - Magellan's Cross, Balintawak Street, Taoist Temple, museums, cockfighting, pork lechon...,

possibility of day trips to Maktan beach, waterfalls, whale diving

5:30pm Red Balintawak with Grandmaster Danny Casio, dinner with Grandmasters, 8:30pm Baraw Sugbo with Velm. Eduardo Ceniza

20-22 February - flight to Manila, tour, Abner Kali, Smoking Sticks with Grandmaster Rodel Dagooc...

22-24.2. - training Abanico Tres Puntas with Grandmaster Rene Tongson, Tagaytay

February 24 - direct flight Manila - Taipei (recommend 16:55 - 19:05, currently 4237Kč one way), dinner in Taipei

25.2.- direct flight Taipei - Prague (recommend 23:45 the previous day - 7:55, price see above)

Registration: only in the Schedule of Events at www.tkd.cz until 1.12. If you pay a deposit or register later, the same price and participation is not guaranteed. Detailed event schedule will be determined by Master Zamecnik (603302739), the camp director, based on the number of registrants and their preferences.

The event can be extended: - 25. Bayanihan, Manila -FMA Celebration with a showcase of various FMAs, $100

Feb. 26 - Mar. 1 FMA Festival, Batangas - Luzon, gathering of various FMAs, US$975

3-7 March Abanico Tres Puntas, Hinigaram - Negros, approximately 800 USD

Explore the unique Philippines and its exceptional martial arts with incredible grandmasters!