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Weekend full of enjoyment

Friday 6 January 2023 18:00 (first practice 19:00) – Sunday 8 January 2023 14:00

Sports center of the Taekwon-do School I.T.F. GE-BAEK HOSIN SOOL, Beztahov u Votic, Husova 964, www.tkd.cz/sportovni-centrum

Have you ever snuffed out a candle with a sword slash? Do you know how to use vital points on the human body to quickly eliminate an opponent? What do the names of famous Korean Buddhist monks Won-hyo or So-san tell you? Have you ever sat in zazen in the morning? How can mindfulness affect the performance of an elite athlete? What does Japanese genmai taste like?..... And we will try to answer many other questions during this unique weekend.


CZK 1,900 upon registration and payment by December 6, later CZK 2,200. Register only via https://www.tkd.cz/harmonogram.aspx. After logging in, payment information will be generated for you.


A weekend full of Buddhism and martial arts. Let's search together for what unites us. Practice martial arts and Zen meditation from leading Czech teachers and masters, learn something new about East Asian culture or taste oriental cuisine.

Buddhism: meditation training, zazen, explanation of basic concepts and historical context with a focus on Korea, how to use Buddhism in everyday life or elite sports.

Martial arts: gumdo - Korean sword path, hopaesool - Korean secret weapon, taekwon-do - practical self-defense and modern sport, FMA - Filipino martial arts with and without a weapon.

Take with

Accommodation, meals, training sessions and lectures all included in the price on site. We cook not only vegetarian food. The equipment for training and meditation can be borrowed. You must bring a good mood, and interest in learning something and a desire to exercise :) !


The event is intended for all those seriously interested in martial arts and Asian culture. We also welcome complete beginners. We do not recommend children under the age of 15 to participate unless you have been practicing Buddhists or martial arts practitioners for years.

Further information

info@tkd.cz urgent questions: +420 603302739 – Master Martin Zamecnik, organization of the event

Buddhists Frantisek Lomsky, Jindrich Koubek, Martin Sefara, Petr Zemla and Vitezslav Stembera are also looking forward to meeting you.