Ge-Baek Hosin Sool

Taekwon-Do ITF School

X stance (kyocha sogi)

This is a very convenient stance, in particular for attacking the side or front in a jumping motion. It is frequently used for blocking and serves as a preparatory stance for moving into the next manoeuvre.

  1. Cross one foot over or behind the other, touching the ground slightly with the ball of the foot.
  2. Place the body weight on the stationary foot.
  3. One foot always crosses over the front of the other with the exception of a jumping motion.

When the weight is rested on the right foot, the stance is called a right X-stance and vice-versa. The other foot is usually placed in front of the stationary foot. It can be full, side or half facing both in attack and defense.

X stance (kyocha sogi)