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sitting stance (annun sogi)

sitting stance (annun sogi)

This is a very stable stance for lateral movement. It is also widely used for punching exercise and muscle development of the legs. One of the advantages of this stance is to shift into walking stance without relocating the foot.

  1. Spread one leg to the side at a distance of approximately one and half a shoulder width between the big toes.
  2. Point the toes to the front and distribute the body weight evenly on both legs.
  3. Extend the knees outward, bending until the knee caps come over the ball of the foot.
  4. Infuse the strength into the inner thighs and tense inward by scraping the ground or floor with the side soles.
  5. Push both the chest and abdomen out and pull the hip back tensing the abdomen.

Double width of the shoulder weakens the stance and speedy movement is hampered. It is either full facing or side facing, both in attack and defence.

sitting stance (annun sogi)