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Application form

By filling in the application form you become the member of our school. You can visit all the trainings designed for you, visit our events, we pay for you membership fee in National Association, we inform you about the course of events etc… You have a duty to pay the membership fees. The membership expires in the case of death, exclusion or sign off. We are looking forward you at our trainings and camps!!!

Name: * Jméno pište i s diakritikou, např. Kateřina, Čeněk, ...
Surname: * Příjmení pište i s diakritikou, např. Čížek, Nováková, ...
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Contact data

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Have you practiced taekwondo ITF before?

At what school?

Choose a city (in Prague be more specific e.g.: Campanus), in that you will visit the trainings mostly
(e.g.: info about health condition intercepting the common training, membership in basic school Zlíchov, House of Childs and juveniles or other organizations ensuring special memberships fees)

Application form to Český svaz Taekwon-Do ITF, z.s.

The members of the Ge-baek Hosin Sool School are also automatically enrolled in the Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association (Český svaz Taekwon-Do ITF, z.s.) further (Czech ITF)

I agree that Czech ITF will process and record my personal data provided in connection with my membership in the Taekwon-Do ITF. I further agree that Czech ITF is authorized to provide my personal data to the ČUS Central Register (identification of athlete during competitions, etc.). The data is authorized by Czech ITF to process and register after the membership in Czech ITF has ended.

How did you find out about our school?

Info on website
Info on other website
Recruitment exhibition
Místo exhibice?  
From a friend, a family member
Od koho?
In the local press
Billboard / poster